One-of-a-Kind Engagement

You can also count on Chris for a unique wedding proposal. He will build a crowd on the street and pretend that he’s only doing street magic. As you come over, he will have you participate in a customized magic show, which includes a ring and a ribbon. As the big, gold ring turns into an engagement ring, your partner will surely be left in awe while you pop the question.

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“I wanted to do something truly special to propose to my girlfriend when we were going to be in NYC. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, so I started Googling for secret photographers. After watching some YouTube videos I was led to a magical marriage proposal done by Chris in Grand Central Station. I watched it probably 5 or six times and even as a guy I think I cried every time. I knew this w…as what I wanted to do, but I still felt like I needed to do my due diligence. I used a site called Thumbtack to broadcast my idea to other local NYC magicians, several of whom replied back to me with their videos, quotes, ideas, etc. As good as many of them were I couldn’t help but come back to Chris. I reached out to him and he worked with me every step of the way to do something amazing for us. Right up to the day of my proposal he stayed in contact with me to iron out final details. Even when we were running late to Grand Central, he stayed right on top of everything. When we arrived, he already had a crowd gathered and the act was going on. He quickly integrated us into the performance and was a true professional. Chris’ magic is top notch. I have never seen anyone do slight of hand the way he does. He draws in the crowd, he is funny, charming, and just puts on a fantastic show. His finishing act to reveal the ring to my fiancé was just one more thing that completely set him apart from the rest. Gaby’s jaw literally dropped when she opened her hand to see the ring sitting right there! It was the exact reaction I was hoping for!! In addition to being a great magician and mentalist, Chris is just a great person. He helped me with getting everything captured on video and stayed afterwards to talk to us. He even had a couple little surprises for Gaby’s two boys. It was truly a special day for us and I would happily call Chris a new friend. Thank you so much Chris for making our day extra special! And keep doing what you do because there is absolutely NO ONE better.”

Eric Kintzer

Eric & Gaby's Engagement, Grand Central Station, NYC

“Words can’t describe the effectiveness of Chris Anthony’s talent and charisma. I hired him to help me create a surprise marriage proposal for my girlfriend. Despite last minute arrangements, he was more than accommodating and went out of his way to be at Prospect Park at a specific time and location. As I casually walked over with my girlfriend to watch him perform cool tricks for the public, he involved us in some of his tricks that ended with the engagement ring magically appearing in her hand. I couldn’t have imagined a better performance for creating a priceless memory. His rates are an unbelievable bargain also. Just check out the short YouTube video titled “Orlando and Denise’s Magic Moment” since it captures it all and gives a better sense of the experience that words can’t describe.”

Orlando Lallave

Orlando & Denise's Engagement, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, N.Y.

“Wow!! What a magical experience!! Chris specializes in proposals and my fiancé used his expertise to plan our proposal. My fiancé and Chris planed it out so that he was already performing “street magic” to a crowd of bystanders when I came to the location so that it would look natural. Obviously, my curiosity kicked in immediately and as someone who always loves a good magic trick, I had to join the crowd. Chris’s personality is so charismatic that he draws you in to his magic show instantly. He performed all the magic tricks flawlessly and he pulled me in to all the tricks to capture my attention so it was not diverted. He even had a videographer filming the whole experience and when asked why there was someone filming, he explained it by saying that it was for his YouTube channel.

He is also really flexible with what the client wants. Apparently, until the day of the proposal, the location was still undecided due to bad weather. But Chris was very patient and accommodating and went along with all the plans. When I arrived at the location, it began to rain and Chris was underneath a gazebo performing magic tricks to a crowd. It even began to snow at a point, and even though he must have been freezing, he performed the whole show outside while still capturing the crowd’s attention. My fiancé came in at the end of the show with a mask on and Chris explained that he was his assistant. I was so engrossed in the whole act that I didn’t realize it was my fiancé until he took off the mask and proposed to me. Wow, what a surprise!!!

My favorite part (besides the proposal of course) was the small “personalized” magic show that he did AFTER the proposal for our friends and family.  The magic show performed by Chris was truly a wonderful experience! We highly recommend him. Especially for those who want a unique and “magical proposal, ” Chris is very nice, accommodating to your wishes, and really works with you to make sure that this day is something you will never forget! I am so happy that he was part of our special day!!”

Monica Dontamsetti

Rahul & Monica's Engagement, Belvedere Castle, Central Park, NYC

I Came across Chris Anthony a few months ago when looking online for a memorable way to propose to my Girlfriend. Living in England and planning to do something as big as this in New York at first sounded quite stressful but luckily I was in the best hands! I emailed Chris with my thoughts and questions and he instantly put my mind at rest with his quick return contact. He answered all of my questions and went into great detail as to how we could make this happen! He put the full plan together and it turned out better than could ever be imagined! He kept in contact during the run up to the trip- again this helped to put my mind at rest. Chris is a great person and a fantastic magician and performer- he had me, my now fiancé and the others watching all captivated from the beginning… so much so I forgot to give him the ring during a trick!!!! I would 1000000% recommend Chris and his magic to anybody- especially someone looking to give there partner memories of a proposal that would last a lifetime! I cant thank Chris enough.. A great guy and an even greater magician!

Nathan Winson

Nathan & Katie's Engagement, Grand Central Station, NYC

Chris Anthony did my proposal at Grand Central Station 01/05/2019. He was on time very professional couldn’t have one bad thing to say about his service. Did everything he said he was going to do and offered plus more. He made everything special and being last minute he dedicated time to my questions and interest in his service. Couldn’t be more happy with everything. Chris is very kind and humble person made me and everyone I was with feel happy, entertained and at the end very satisfied. I will forever be grateful for his help to make this day possible and will always recommend him to everyone I know. Chris Thank You from John and Iria. God Bless.

John Albizu

John & Iria's Engagement, Grand Central Station, NYC

I recently spoke with Chris to get my marriage proposal started and he was awesome! He worked with me every step of the way and provided me with great options for the perfect proposal! We did it in grand central terminal where I told my girlfriend we were late for an appointment. We stopped to see Chris do his thing and she was in awe the entire time! When it was time to ask her to marry me she was in tears and she said YES! Thank you so much Chris for a great time! Highly recommend!

Jason Ryu

Jason & Fooreum's Engegement, Grand Central Station, NYC

I’ve known Chris Anthony for more than 12 years and not only is he extremely personable and a pleasure, his magic show is spectacular! He made it simple to coordinate and was accommodating. The whole experience was so memorable and entertaining that my fiancé was grateful for it all. Chris Anthony helped me score major points kicking off my whole marriage experience with his act. I expected awesome and he truly exceeded all expectations. If you’re considering a magic proposal, don’t hesitate! You won’t regret a thing, and you’ll have a great time proposing!

Pete Macri

Pete & Danielle's Engagement, Sweet Grass Grill, Tarrytown, N.Y.

Chris Anthony was part of one of the most memorable days in my life. He and my now fiancé orchestrated a marriage proposal in the center of Grand Central. Chris was very professional and never let on that anything was going on other than his magic show. In the middle of his “show” my fiancé slipped the ring to Chris and a few minutes later he made it “appear” with my fiancé on his knee. Chris then brought us to the Campbell Apartment for a toast and a few more personalized magic tricks just for the two of us. We are so grateful for the magic of Chris Anthony and he will be in our hearts always.

Gary & Laura

Surprise Marriage Proposal, Grand Central Station, NYC

“Chris is an excellent magician, with his help, my magic wedding proposal at Times Square became possible. I will recommend Chris to everyone who wants to add a little magic to their event. Thank you Chris.”

Dima Vishnevetsky

Dima & Olga's Engagement, Times Square, New York City

“Fantastic experience, it made the whole experience memorable and memories will last a lifetime. My now fiance did not have any idea and the way Chris got us involved and finished with the ribbon trick was amazing. I highly recommend Chris and if you are looking for something special you will not be disappointed”

Lee Grieves

Lee & Jenna's Engagement, Times Square, NYC

“Chris is the most professional and accommodating person I have ever dealt with hands down. On Dec 19, he helped me propose to my girlfriend his act was flawless he got my girlfriend involved an she never suspected what was going on. He made the whole experience unforgettable. I would without hesitation recommend Chris he’s the best.”

Mario Maltese

Mario & Alberta's Engagement, Grand Central Station, NYC

“My fiancé booked Chris to help surprise propose to me earlier this month. When we arrived, his act had already started and we joined the audience that was surrounding him. He effortlessly incorporated us into his act as he had been doing with others. His magic was amazing. He was gregarious, engaging and funny and had real ability to draw in the crowd and leave us wondering “How!?” His magic included many diverse tricks that didn’t repeat themselves and never got boring. Through out his act I was in awe. His final reveal for me was also very special and surprising! The proposal felt as unreal as his magic! I was speechless and confused and very much in shock. I think he did an amazing job in revealing the ring so that my fiancé could propose. I am so happy he was a part of our special night and he helped make it very memorable. Chris even stuck around to talk to us afterwards and was just as kind and sweet as he appeared to be. I am really happy my fiancé found him and would definitely recommend anyone else to work with Chris.” 

Zaib Khan

Faizan & Zaib’s Engagement, Grand Central Station, NYC

     “Trying to organize a surprise special event for someone when you live in another country is problematic; made all the more difficult when you are unable to physically vet the individuals you are intending to place a large amount of trust in. I was fortunate enough however to contact Chris Anthony and from his very first email, my mind was put at ease.

     Chris clearly outlined his plan for my bid with a detailed description, provided examples of his work and a list of personal recommendations. He was thorough, accommodating and after numerous emails, the proposal was tailored to meet my requirements.

     After finalizing the event details Chris remained in contact on a regular basis, a personal touch that is a rarity in today’s age and something I really appreciated and went further to reassure me. Furthermore on the day, due to unforeseen circumstances my partner and I were delayed. At short notice Chris was able to amend the time and liaised with the videographer I had booked to ensure suspicions were not aroused in receiving multiple messages from both.

     The performance itself was flawless. Chris is a natural entertainer and true professional. He engaged with all and not once was my partner (who is always pre-empting situations!) suspicious that the show was all for her benefit.  Chris’ confidence and ease of performance made me relax as much as is possible, when you are about to do one of the most important things of your life.

     Unbeknown to me, Chris even arranged, after I proposed, to take me and my now fiancée to a reserved table at a nearby venue to perform personalized illusions.  This made the whole evening feel even more bespoke and provided us with special keepsakes that will be treasured forever.

  Chris, we can’t thank you enough for playing such a major role in one of the most important evenings of our lives.  We can’t recommend Chris both personally and professionally, highly enough.”

Craig Cobham

Craig & Vicki's Engagement, Grand Central Station, NYC

“This started as just an idea to propose to my girlfriend at one of our favorite locations in the city in a unique way. Chris made it happen. It all went exactly as planned. My girlfriend was totally surprised and the tricks were amazing. I wouldn’t change a thing. I give Chris 10 stars.”

Steven Yonfa

Surprise Engagement In Central Park, New York City

“Chris was amazing! Just watch any of the videos and you’ll understand, my then girlfriend, now fiancé, was completely shocked and we are still talking about the magic Chris performed. As he was doing his magic, you could actually tell that the audience was literally stupefied and didn’t know when to clap. Chris is a pro and you won’t regret hiring him and he went above and beyond with all of my requests. We even want to fly him to California to be at our wedding, haha, he really was great. Thanks again, Chris! Hillary and I framed all of the magical souvenirs you gave us!”

Eric Hanson

Eric & Hillary, Grand Central Station, NYC