I Guarantee My Unique Entertainment of Comedy and Interactive Magic Will Make Your Party Unforgettable, Amazing, And Fun!

Or The Magic is FREE And I’ll Donate $100 To Your Favorite Charity Just For Wasting Your Time!

Dear party planner,

Thanks for your interest on the entertainment packages I offer. The best style of entertainment for your type of event is called ‘walk-around’ magic. This is where I go around the party and entertain small groups of four to eight people with their own personal five to ten minute, highly interactive, magic show. Your guests are real involved with this because of the amazing things that happen in their own hands. Playing cards change identities while in their hands. Dollar Bills instantly change to hundred dollar bills right under their noses!

Making your party memorable is a difficult task. You want it to be fun and extra special for you and your guests- all while staying within your budget.

What Really Makes A Party Unforgettable?

Quality, interactive entertainment that’s engaging and gets your guests involved and keeps them laughing is a major key to making your event dynamic, impressive and memorable. But there are so many options to choose from. Do you hire a band? A disc jockey? A comedian? A hypnotist? It’s frustrating to try and figure out something that will please everyone, isn’t it?

The Unique Solution That You Need!

My name is Chris Anthony and I am a professional magician who specializes in helping make special events memorable and fun by using interactive up-close magic and have been doing so for over 25 years. I’ve been lucky enough to have entertained for companies such as Google, Bank of America, Macy’s, Wells Fargo, Yahoo among others. 

So why should you have me entertain at your party?

What I offer is the perfect compliment to almost any other form of entertainment because instead of performing on a stage, I simply mingle throughout the party providing a fun, interactive, up close experience for your guests.

Interactive magic that happens in their hands and just inches from their eyes!

Sure, there are a lot of good entertainers out there BUT none of them even come close to offering such as an experience for your guests as this.

One of the most talked about illusions is when I make a full deck of cards vanish from between one of your guest’s hands. To see this trick in action, press play on the video below:


Unbelievable Magic

Even after you see this you won’t believe it. You will be left scratching your head and wondering if magic actually exists… and so will your guests!


Funny Comedy

You’ll be thrilled as you hear your guests laugh and see all the smiles during my very funny interactions with them throughout the event.

Audience Participation

More Audience Participation Than You Can Shake A Stick At. Everything I do involves your guests. You know how people are. They don’t just want to sit and watch, they want to experience it for themselves.

One of the important factors in creating a really special event is to make sure that your guests start having fun right away.. .minutes after they arrive.

You’ll be delighted as you hear the gasps of amazement and laughter as your guests are entertained with their own 5 to 10 minute shows which include super fun magic that happens in their own hands.

This enchanting, fun, and intimate form of “walk around” entertainment is perfect for adult birthday parties. It will leave the lasting impact you desire on your guests. Everything they experience is self-contained within my pockets so it’s very flexible. Many people scream in surprise when magic happens right in front of their eyes. This is great because it is so intimate. A lot of people see magic on TV or on a far away stage in Las Vegas and never get to experience it live, up-close and personal. A perfect icebreaker for your family and friends at the party.

And because of the interactive nature of my magic, people of all ages are thoroughly entertained and amazed.

This is all happening while you are mingling with your guests

So How Much Will This Cost?


The investment for my special form of interactive walk-around (close up) magical entertainment is:

  • Up to one hour: $595
  • Up to two hours: $795
  • Up to three hours: $1095

These prices are good in the Twin Cities Metro Area (additional travel fees may apply if outside of the Twin Cities metro area).

Okay, Chris, Everything Sounds Great…Now What?

Simply pick up the phone and call us to request your date. We can discuss your event in detail. You can ask ANY questions you have. In fact, I’d really appreciate you calling and letting me know what you think of the information I’ve shared with you. We’re not going to try to “sell” you, so you can relax – no pressure. We’re here to answer your questions and help you make your party the best ever.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you: (718) 518-8030

Thanks ,

(718) 518-8030
P.S. What other people say about me is much more important than what I have to say. Make sure to check out the reviews from my past clients I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Check out these 5 Star Reviews!

David Farr performed for our private party of 100 people and everyone enjoyed his magic! He accommodated our request to perform for small groups of 4-5 people at a time and his tricks were amazing. He left us awestruck! I highly recommend David for your next event!

Brooke Payne

David entertained at our home for my husband’s 60th birthday — it was a hit! Everyone, from our 20-something children to our 80-something parents enjoyed the evening.

Cheri Beranek

We recently held a private party for our family where David performed for our guests. He was engaging, funny, and tailored his performance to our needs. Great magic and a great time. I would highly recommend David for anyone who is a fan of magic.

Craig Levinsohn

The best close-up/interactive magician I have ever seen! I am a very tough critic and he had my gears turning all night long! David did a phenomenal job of interacting and including everyone at our party. Not only is he a great magician, he is also a great conversationalist and very sharp! I would highly recommend David Farr Magic for any event. He will not disappoint!

Nathan D. Olmscheid

David is the life of the party. He appeals to young and old and completely mystifies everyone with his magic!

by Anne Ryan | Chanhassen, MN

He was phenomenal! His show was marvelous. It was fun, interative and very comedic. Definitely the whole package!

by Laurie | Edina, MN

Your performance at our private party was wonderful. It exceeded everyone's expectations. People are still talking about the entire evening and you were the hit!

by Amy Rubins | Minneapolis, MN

It was an absolute hit. They were thorougly entertained. It was absolutely fantastic and the hit of the evening!

by Lisa Nanne | Golden Valley, MN

Thank you Dave for the great performance! I've used for a work function, a New Years Eve party and this time was a surprise birthday party for my wife. People are still talking about it. I would recommend you to anyone.

by Bill Malark | Blaine, MN

It was a wonderful success. He managed to keep all ages enthralled, at attention and interested. I would highly recommend him to groups of all ages!

by Margaret Kinney | Wayzata, MN

He was great. I had people from teenagers all the way up to older people and everybody was in awe and talked about him for days!

by Nelly Carnahan | Minneapolis, MN

It was a smash! Everybody is still talking about the party! You were amazing! Everybody really enjoyed you. You are truly, truly magical!

by Doris Meeks | Minneapolis, MN

My Hand On Heart Promise

I am so confident that I can make your party unforgettable and fun that if you are not completely satisfied with the entertainment I will tear the check up right in front of you so you pay nothing! In addition to that, I will also donate $100 to a charity of your choice just for wasting your time. In the over 30 years of performing, I’ve never once been asked for a refund. In fact, 99% of my clients enthusiastically refer me to their friends and associates!

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